QRM 2017 Conference

15th Annual Conference on Quick Response Manufacturing


As manufacturers compete in the global market, they need to innovate to deliver high quality, customized products at short lead times. Quick Response Manufacturing (QRM) provides an enterprise-wide strategy that can help your organization reach new heights.

Over the last 20 years, the Center for Quick Response Manufacturing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison has helped over 200 companies from a variety of industries implement powerful strategies of lead time reduction in manufacturing, assembly, quoting, engineering, order processing, purchasing, and supply chain operations. These applications have helped companies reduce lead times by over 90%, reduce costs by over 30%, improve on-time deliveries to 99%, reduce overhead by over 20% and increase productivity by over 50%.

Join us on June 19-22, 2017 in Madison, Wis. for the annual international conference to hear executives from industries across the world share their case studies on application of QRM principles. Learn how companies have used QRM to transform their entire organizations, expand into new markets, and race ahead of their competition. With case studies, tutorials, plant tours, panel discussions and plenty of networking opportunities, QRM 2017 promises to be a rich learning experience.

Conference Highlights:

June 19:

  • Multiple Pre-conference Tutorials: Introductory concepts to advanced tools

June 20-21:

  • Two days of case study presentations:
    On shop floor, office and engineering, supply chain applications
    by executives from US and European companies
  • Panel discussions:
    Executives share lessons from implementation experience
  • Networking Reception

June 22:

  • Plant Tours: Multiple plant tours to see QRM in action



  • $495 (member)
  • $695 (non-member)

Registration website opens on February 1st, 2017!

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